Cherry Zing

Zing Shisha Pen Review

Cherry Zing

Sure, everyone loves getting down on the dance floor and breaking out a good sweat! But if you’re like me (a none-smoker) who goes out with friends who are smokers it’s certainly no fun being left alone when they all go and grab some “fresh-air”. However, with “Zing” I can get past that problem and hit the smoking area without killing my lungs! This new E-cig is completely nicotine free and is available in four mouth-watering flavours – citrus, cherry, peppermint and strawberry. The crazy thing about Zing (as well as the fact is glows in the bloody dark!) is that it is actually refreshing, something I’d never thought I’d hear myself saying about a cigarette product and knowing that it’s completely risk free is a big appeal. Having had my smoker friends try it out even they admitted they’d happily substitute this great product for a cigarette on a night out.Cherry Zing

Zing says it last around 500 puffs and having used it every day for a week it still hasn’t ran out! And costing just only £3.49 it’s a saver on not only your lungs but your wallet, with it being over half the price of 20 cigarettes!Zing

So go ahead, stand out from the crowd on get some “Zing” in your life!


Yours Smokingly,

Rob Brooks


My Reps Manager


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