Someone to Watch Over Me

Yrsa Sigurdardottir – Someone to Watch Over Me

I happened upon this book in a charity sale. The blurb was intriguing, so I accepted the challenge to read what is quite a lengthy story. Willing to see if it would hold my attention and it didn’t disappoint.

A young boy with Down’s syndrome is convicted of multiple murders when the care home he inhabited, is burned down. Contrary to popular belief, lawyer Thora, is hired to prove the boys innocence by a psychiatric inmate who’s chilling past suggests he is little of a honest character. Through Thora’s persistence to find the truth a story unfolds that is nothing of the initial report of the crime.

The story is fragmented, varying in perception and timeline. Including what at first appeared to be irrelevant to the story, the telling of an in the past, suspected haunting. This was confusing at first but gradually made sense, although the ‘haunting’ didn’t appear to purposely fit until the end. I try to describe this in a way as not to put a potential reader off because I found this layout really appealing overall, as it maintained a curiosity to the story and broke up what is quite a slow conclusion to the ‘who done it’.

Sigurdardottir’s writing of the haunting was chilling, the type you feel when watching a scary movie. It’s intriguing how it intertwines with the main flow of the book. Furthermore, the investigation that takes place leads you on a winding trail, with many curveballs. This leaves you guessing who the perpetrator is, if not Jakob, who’s currently held responsible.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. Although it’s slow paced, you get in-depth ideas for the characters to base presumptions of their participation in the crime. I would recommend to anyone who likes crime thrillers as it is a really good read.

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