UK’s most popular cities to find a job in 2017

If you are coming towards the end of your course, you are probably putting a lot of thought to which places you should soon send job applications to. You might have specific companies in mind, particularly big name ones; however, it might be better to think in terms of cities first. Here is an objective – as far as practically possible – view of which ones are most worth considering in 2017.

  1. Liverpool


A number of enlightening statistics about the comparative strengths of different UK cities have been unearthed through research by CV-Library. In this article, we will extensively quote from this research, which has revealed that the number of Liverpool job vacancies grew by 23% last year. Health, education and retail are among the Merseyside city’s leading employment sectors.

  1. Edinburgh

The Scottish capital has greater economic prowess than all other UK cities bar London – and it’s been outpacing almost all of them in growth. Edinburgh clocked up a 20% rise in vacancies – a very promising sign if you are seeking work in financial services, retail, tourism or technology. These sectors are among the city’s most thriving; major local employers include the NHS and Tesco.

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  1. London

The globe’s leading financial hub in the international business sphere, London experienced an increase of 19% in its job vacancies. While finance sails ahead of the UK capital’s other sectors, you shouldn’t overlook how formidable the media, technology, retail and tourism – to cite just a few examples – industries are locally.

  1. Southampton

If the thought of working in health or education to a backdrop of the sea delights you, then your chances would look relatively good if you applied to Southampton firms. Over a quarter of the coastal city’s available jobs are in those sectors, where the most notable employers include the NHS, the University of Southampton and Southampton Solent University.

  1. Portsmouth

From Southampton, about 20 miles down the Hampshire coast is Portsmouth, where employment opportunities experienced 18% growth. It’s a good place to keep an eye on if you are eager for aerospace, marine or retail work. Well-known employers in Pompey, as the city is affectionately nicknamed, include the Royal Navy and IBM.

  1. Manchester

The closest that the North of England has to its own capital, Manchester’s number of absent positions rose by 17% during 2016. You could be very pleasantly surprised by the variety on offer when you use CV-Library’s website to peruse the available jobs in Manchester. The North West city’s strongest industries include biotechnology, IT and electronics. Media giants including the BBC and ITV are here, as are the food titans Kellogg’s and McVitie’s.

  1. Hull

While seafaring and trading have been traditional cornerstones of Hull’s economy, other sectors such as renewable energy, healthcare, and ports and logistics have recently grown in the East Yorkshire city. Vacant posts were up 15% in 2016 – and especially esteemed companies with Hull presences include puddings purveyor Aunt Bessie’s and tech firm Siemens. Furthermore, there will be many exciting cultural goings-on in Hull this year, as the Hull UK City of Culture 2017 site attests.

  1. Cardiff

The Welsh capital’s job vacancies exploded in number by 14% last year. White-collar positions in finance, retail, tourism and media have increasingly popped up recently; thus, the city is certainly “up-and-coming” in these areas. There is also a buoyant TV and film industry, helped along by such prestigious organisations as ITV and the BBC.

  1. Glasgow


Want to work in finance? Glasgow, Scotland’s most populous city, is well worth considering, as it ranks among the continent’s top twenty financial hotspots. The Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Bank are just two of the renowned financial outfits that are operating in Glasgow. Furthermore, the gas and electricity services provider ScottishPower is headquartered in the city.

  1. Bristol

You can get a good idea of Bristol’s corporate respectability by reading examples of top companies with workers here. Those companies include, in aerospace, BAE Systems and the Ministry of Defence; in tech, Hewlett-Packard; and, in finance, AXA, the Lloyds Banking Group and the Bank of Ireland. Bristol’s tally of vacant jobs climbed 13% in 2016, so let’s hope for continued good growth.


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