Top 10 TV Series to Watch Over the Summer

It’s summer, people! Sort of sunny and, hopefully, some free time to watch all your favourite television shows. Although a lot of major shows take a break over summer, there’s still a few television series kicking about for you to watch, get shocked by and enjoy.

Game of Thrones

The acclaimed fantasy series returns for its penultimate series, and this is not one to be missed, as finally- winter is here, and things are changing in Westeros. With all your favourite characters returning, as well as some dragons, this will be an interesting lead up to the final season. Plus, the season is shortened- so take all you can get from this series.

Game of Thrones airs on Sky Atlantic, on Mondays (at 2AM, if you’re that dedicated, or 9PM if you like to sleep)


Whilst there’s only a few episodes of Poldark left, once the series is finished you can rewatch it all on iPlayer, so you can still enjoy it. Things are really come to a head in the Cornish countryside, with the arrival of Demelza’s brothers and Elizabeth’s cousin Morwenna, another Poldark baby, as well as Ross and George’s feud rearing it’s ugly head (especially about George’s new “heir”).

Poldark airs on Sundays, 9PM, on BBC One.

The Handmaid’s Tale

As with Poldark, The Handmaid’s Tale only has a few episodes left, but can you catch up with all the episodes on All 4. Based on the novel by Margaret Atwood, the series follows Offred, a “handmaid” in dystopian society, who is basically forced to produce offspring for the country’s new leaders. It’s not pretty at times and can be violent, but nevertheless is well crafted and beautifully held together by actress Elisabeth Moss.

The Handmaid’s Tale airs on Sundays, at 9PM, on Channel 4

The Windsors

Who would’ve thought a comedy series about the royal family would work so well? This hilarious series takes the things about the Royal Family we read about in the press, and turn them up the nth degree. It makes Camilla a rather terrifying matriach, Kate a Gypsy girl and Wills a sort of hero who regularly receives visions from previous Kings. Even if you don’t like the Royal Family much, this will still garner a laugh or two, in its hilarious portrayal of the Royal Family.

The Windsors airs on Wednesdays, at 10PM, on Channel 4.

Orphan Black

Orphan Black has returned for its final season, and we’re finally getting some answers! The series follows a set of genetic clones, each one played expertly by Tatiana Maslany, as they attempt to unravel the mystery surrounding them and discover the truth about their origins. There are not many episodes left in this series, but the series is on Netflix so it’ll be easy to stream soon enough. If you like science, thrillers and great acting- you’re in luck.

Orphan Black episodes are released weekly on Sundays on Netflix.

In the Dark

The police thriller, based on Mark Billingham’s novel, follows DI Helen Weeks, a pregnant police officer as she undertakes a very personal abduction case- of her old best friend, and it seems like Helen is hiding something. It’s your typical police thriller, and looks to be a great “who dunnit?” story.

In the Dark airs on Tuesdays, at 9PM, one BBC One.

Friends from College

The new Netflix series- headed by Cobie Smulders and Keegan-Michael Key- follows six friends from college (as the title suggests), who are heading into their 40s and try to manage their adult lives, managing their romantic entanglements. It’s sort of like of Friends, except in 2017, in our “new media” age. Whilst so far the series hasn’t got the best reviews, it’s at least worth a watch for its top notch cast.

Friends from College is available on Netflix now

Marvel’s The Defenders

Marvel’s Netflix shows- Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist- all come together in one mini series. Much like the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s The Avengers in 2012, the series will feature a team up between the four of them and their little worlds, to fight a common enemy. This looks to be an interesting coming together of heroes- and not one to be missed for MCU fans.

Marvel’s The Defenders is avaiable on Netflix from the 18th of August.

Top of the Lake: China Girl

The Australian crime drama’s second season once again follows Elisabeth Moss (a brilliant performer, as seen in The Handmaid’s Tale), a Sydney police officer, investigating a murder of an Asian girl on Bondi Beach. She’s assisted by Game of Thrones star Gwendolie Christie, and if that wasn’t enough for you, the brilliant Nicole Kidman (fresh off Big Little Lies) is joining the cast as second wave feminist. If you like crime dramas, this is for you.

Top of the Lake: China Girls starts on the 27th of July, at 9PM.

Andi Mack

Yes, this is a Disney Channel series. But bear with me, I swear, it’s interesting. 13 year old Andi Mack (played by Peyton Elizabeth Lee) basically wants to grow up, and is excited when her older sister, Bex, returns home after years away. However- here comes the twist- Bex is not actually her sister, but her mother who gave her up after a teenage pregnancy. This is something of a first for Disney Channel series, and the series is going to explore some interesting topics, hopefully to educate young girls. Whilst we be outside of the demographic, I think the series will still be an interesting watch to see how Disney Channel illustrates these important issues.

Andi Mack airs on Fridays, on Disney Channel.

So that’s my top picks for some top notch summer viewing. Hopefully you’ll enjoy all of these television gems.


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