The Secret Diary of a Public Relations Supremo (What your mother never told you about PR!)


Secret Number 1

One of the biggest secrets in PR is about how to get your press release actually used and published or broadcast.  And it is that like most of us, journalists and editors like taking the line of least resistance. Or to put it another way – laziness rules!

So how to turn this little known PR titbit to your advantage? Write a press release which is the story you want told in exactly the way the publication would write it, or the programme would broadcast it.

Study your prey, oops, media and then tailor your story to fit the bill.  Write for Heat in Heat’s style, but don’t send the same piece to the Times.  If you’re aiming for a local radio show, make sure you put in some connection to the actual town they broadcast from, otherwise why should they care about your goings ons.

It may b a bit more work than writing a one-off, but if your goal is to get into as many media outlets as possible, then do your homework and work hard so they don’t have to. It is much easier for the editor to get a fully written piece and then just edit it a bit, or even use it whole – result! And then drop it in to their publication.

Idiot PR’s send in page after page of dense, unreadable crap, often highly technical crap, at that.  The poor journo on the receiving end has to wade through it all and decide if it is relevant, or, hey presto, ignore it and move on the next, easier to digest piece – yours!  I know, I’ve seen them and refuse to write ‘em in my day.

Stick to one side of A4 or about 500 words. If you can’t tell a story in that space, then you are in the wrong job.

Next time – the Secrets of Great Content (or what your mother never told you about writing hot copy).

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    • Old Bird

      Glad you think so Derek, but it’s remarkable how many new PR grads send crap press releases. Have you got any tips you’d like to share? We’d love to hear them 🙂 Thanks for commenting, the Old Bird.

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