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Here we are. The year is 2017. It was LGBT History Month last month. And here you have a member of the community, coming out to talk to you about why talking about us matters.

I’ve heard them all – isn’t Pride technically part of the problem? Isn’t stuff like LGBT History Month part of the problem? Don’t get me wrong. Though these are pretty weak arguments, considering the counter-arguments, I agree to some extent. Having things in place that literally point us out as different to the rest of the world, don’t help. Pride parade is a place we all gather “because we’re different”. And we have our History Month “because we’re different”.

But isn’t that view part of the problem, too? The fact that people see us as different? I talk to friends about this, and a fair few of them don’t register the fact that events put in place by organisations like Pride in London, anlevi-saunders-133027d many others worldwide, have done so because it gives us an opportunity to celebrate who we are. To celebrate, because a lot of us are more comfortable being ourselves in this day and age than we were years and years ago. When we had no rights. Now, we celebrate our identities and the rights we do have, and we fight for those that we don’t. I get told that people don’t agree with this, and will stick by the idea that our celebration of our identity is part of the problem. We don’t do it to point out the fact that we’re different, but we exist and this issue needs to be spoken about.

So now I ask everyone reading this, don’t you think we’d like to be able to go about our lives without a care? To walk down the street in whatever country we want, or go wherever we want with our partners and not have people hurl abuse, or literally get killed? It’s very easy to tell us to just do it or get over it when you’re not experiencing those things yourself. You don’t choose your sexuality, but the difference between mine and yours is that yours doesn’t make a difference to your life in society – you are privileged. Perhaps not in every way, but in this sense, you are. I am not. We are not. We are being given basic human rights but then stripped of them left and right depending on how those in power feel about us (Obama vs Trump, anyone?)

Yes, I understand what you mean. I understand you when you say that if we want equality, technically those things that exist for us, shouldn’t, because we are not different. I understand (though don’t agree) when you say, shouldn’t straight pride be a thing, then? Shouldn’t we get parades? Celebrate? I’ll tell you why I think not – for you, that is every day. Celebrate not being killed, or belittled, or disowned by your family because of your sexuality. By no means, celebrate. Just remember that you’re basically already doing that, just by existing without having to worry about anybody demeaning you because of who you love.

So let me suggest something – if people are so opposed to the idea of the LGBT community having these events, celebrating their identities, because they feel that we should all be equal no matter what…why don’t you all actively
do something to help us get basic h10069100029uman rights? Help us be allowed to get married, adopt children, be able to use restrooms, donate blood. March, stand, and fight with us, instead of not making the effort to help and ridiculing us when we help ourselves. You, as an individual, may do these things. But as a whole community, I personally don’t see that happening.

If you don’t talk about things, if you don’t make an effort to show you’re either opposed to something or in support of something, you can’t complain about things not being done to support you. What’s wrong with talking about LGBTQ+ rights? What’s wrong with LGBTQ+ individuals seeking an environment in which they feel wholly comfortable with other people who know what they’re going through, and with those who don’t but are trying to help them be comfortable?

Yes, I understand you, I do. But do you understand me?

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