How a student can look fashionable on a budget

Students obviously have to be careful where they spend their money and on what.  However, this doesn’t strictly mean that a sense of style has to go completely out of the window. While following various hyped-up and well-publicised fashion trends indeed isn’t likely to be friendly to a typical student’s bank balance, there are alternative ways of looking good without serious expenditure.

Aim to purchase versatile clothing items


There are some clothes which you would probably only wear on special occasions and others which you can keep digging out again and again. It’s those more versatile pieces that you should spend more of your attention – and money – on.

By way of example, QS Top Universities specifies some “key pieces” that you could keep in your wardrobe right through summer. These include a rudimentary pair of sandals that could remain on your feet whether you are relaxing on the beach or partying in a nightclub. Meanwhile, a light jacket will probably suffice for keeping you warm throughout that season.

Ladies could opt for dresses which could then be styled in a range of ways. Want a chic boho style? Then put on that summer fashion staple, a maxi dress. While a sun hat would go well with it during the daytime, that dress could still look great in the evening with added statement jewellery. Men could splash out on some Dickies Life work shorts that can also look just right for summer.

Don’t discount the usefulness of discounts

boy-1986107_1280As a student, you will be used to discount offers being thrown at you from all angles. However, if you tend to just put those vouchers into your bag before quickly forgetting about them, it’s time to dig them out again. One might be valid for use in buying that new shirt or bag you’ve got your eye on…

One especially useful discount card to which you are entitled is the International Student Identity Card. Otherwise called an ISIC, it’s the only globally recognised student card and opens up opportunities for discounts and benefits at more than 125,000 locations. You might need to pay some money to obtain that card which, nonetheless, could soon pay for itself.

Get creative as you seek to revamp your look

In certain instances, you could find that you don’t even need to buy anything to give your current appearance a fresh and exciting twist. Everything that you need might already be in your university accommodation, provided that you dig around a bit. BuzzFeed has listed some amusing hacks for looking stylish while keeping your spending restrained.

For example, to get clothes air-dried more quickly, you could use a salad spinner to remove excess water. Meanwhile, for getting wrinkles out of clothes without spending the extra time and money necessary for ironing, you could hang those clothes in your bathroom before taking a hot shower. The steam that is generated could help lead to the wrinkles fading. You could then use a straightener to remove little creases that still remain.

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