San Diego Comic Con 2017: What Happened?

The San Diego Comic Con has come and gone once again, with all our favourite series saving the best for the highly anticipated event. There’s a whole load of news and trailers, from the shared Arrowverse to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Here’s everything you need to know.

DC Extended Universe:

First off, we get another Justice League trailer. Unlike last year’s trailer, which focused more on the comedic aspects, this trailer finally highlighted who we all wanted to see after her highly anticipated movie: Wonder Woman. We also get to see a bit more of Alfred and Aquaman.

Speaking of Wonder Woman, a sequel was finally confirmed to be in the works (though this was no surprise, given it was DCEU’s first critical and commercial success). A sequel to Suicide Squad was also confirmed, and it was also revealed that there is going to be a Shazam! (starring DC’s own Captain Marvel) movie beginning production early next year. As well as these announcements, plans for movies surrounding Aquaman, The Flash and Batman (with Ben Affleck, despite the rumours) were announced to be moving along swimmingly. Things are certainly looking up for DC fans.


Moving along to the other side of the DC Universe on television, we got a whole slew of trailers for the Arrowverse, including Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl, as well as Arrowverse newbie Black Lightning.

Arrow has finally recovered from its much maligned third and fourth seasons, bringing fans back with the mystery of Prometheus, as well as one of the season’s biggest cliffhangers. The Arrow bosses there’s going to “multiple big bads,” with a focus on “found family” in the coming season. This season will explore Ollie’s own father issues, as he becomes a father to his rather traumatised son. Further, there’s going be a lot of different flashbacks focusing on different characters, now that Ollie’s “five years away” has been explained. There’s a lot of new potential for Arrow coming this season.

Do not worry, Flash fans! Grant Gustin will be back- we’re not sure when or how, but the trailer does depict his return. But, as Grant Gustin revealed, he’s going to be “scrambled” from his time spent in the Speed Force. Meanwhile, in Central City, Iris has kind of taken over Team Flash, which really sounds fun to see. After last year’s rather dark season, it has been promised that the series will bring back “the fun” and will bring more light to the series, hopefully bringing back some of the series’ original charm.

The same can’t be said for Supergirl, however. After that season ending downer, Kara is struggling to cope and as the trailer highlights- she’s pushing away her human side. She shouldn’t worry for too long, though, Mon El (whose departure last season left her “broken”) is going to return, though it’s unsure how yet. Meanwhile, there’s a new villain, Reign (played by Odette Annable), also hailing from Krypton. Whilst it’s unsure how she’s going to fit in yet, she has already been called “a real match for Supergirl”. There’s going to be a lot of soul searching coming up for Supergirl, and I can’t wait to see it.

Our favourite band of misfits are back together again, and are fixing time once again, after their antics last season. They saved the world as they know it, but kind of broke time in the process, and now have got to get things back to normal. They’ll be doing it “episode by episode”, however, and there’s not going to be an “easy fix”. There’s a lot to come this season for the Legends, but highlights include their new “time rivals” headed by former Captain Rip Hunter, more flashbacks to their childhoods (especially Ray’s) and a “Freaky Friday” swap for two certain characters. This series of Legends looks to be more interesting than ever.

Finally, this trailer highlights not only new show Black Lightning, but also beautifully shows how our favourite heroes are bought from the page to the screen.

Black Lightning, meanwhile, premieres in 2018, and depicts a “real world” hero of sorts. The series won’t have any costumed villains, being more grounded than its counterparts. Despite this, the titular hero and his two daughters will have superpowers, and the series will show, as a family, how they cope with these changes. This new series will be a must watch, to see how its differences stand out.


Riverdale is coming back, people, and soon! We got our very first trailer for the upcoming second season, highlighting the season’s “darker” theme, as highlighted by the whole “Angel of Death” thing, as well as Cheryl’s chilling interaction with her mother. This video also shows Season One’s bloopers, highlighting the closeness and hilariousness of the cast.

We also learned more about Veronica and Archie’s new relationship, Fred’s fate (we’ll find out in the premiere), and how Bughead’s relationship will be “tested” by Jughead’s new Serpent friends. We also learnt more details of new characters- classic Archie character Toni Topaz, and Veronica’s “dark” ex-boyfriend Nick St Clair. This season of Riverdale seems to be about darkness- from both the tone to the “dark sides” of the characters.

Marvel Cinematic Universe:

The next big release for the MCU is Thor: Ragnarok, and we got to see a new trailer for the third Thor film. We get to see more Hulk and Bruce, more Loki and more of Cate Blanchett’s new character, as well as how Thor (sort of) ended up where he is.

Marvel also released footage of Black Panther and the highly anticipated Avengers: Infinity War (aka the culmination of the whole MCU), both of which hasn’t made its way online yet, but both films are definitely ones to watch out for. We also got a poster for Avengers: Infinity War, which highlights Captain America’s awesome new beard.


How awesome does this look?

We also got some more news on Ant Man and the Wasp, the sequel to 2015’s Ant Man. Michelle Pfeiffer is joining the cast as Janet Van Dyne, Hope’s mother and the original Wasp. Laurence Fisburne is also joining the cast, as Dr Bill Foster, who in the comics was an assistant to Hank Pym and eventually ended up with his own size changing abilities.

Finally, we got a little more information on Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel, which is set for release in 2019. The film will be set in the 1990s (aka a long time before the Avengers is set up) and introduce the Skrulls, a classic alien race in the original Marvel comics.

On the television side, we also got a new trailer for the upcoming series, The Inhumans, featuring some awesome magical hair.

The Defenders

There was also a new trailer for the highly anticipated Marvel’s The Defenders, featuring a team up of four of Marvel’s Netflix heroes, set to premiere later this year. The trailer depicts some very awesome ass kicking between the four, as well as their bickering and wisecracking.

Dr Who:

Peter Capaldi is making his final appearance as the Doctor this Christmas, and Jodie Whittaker will make her debut as The Doctor as well (FINALLY, a female Doctor!). In anticipation of this, Capaldi made his final SDCC appearance as The Doctor, and we got see an exclusive trailer of the Christmas episode, featuring David Bradley playing the 1st Doctor and Doctor Who favourite Mark Gatiss. The two Doctors are trapped “in a single moment”, and features from hilarious moments as both Doctors try to get their head around the situation.

Entitled “Twice Upon A Time”, the trailer also teases the return of Pearl Mackie’s Bill, who supposedly went off being “another entity” in the finale earlier this year. How she fits into the story is unknown, but will be interesting to be seen. Steven Moffatt, also making his final outing as showrunner, called the episode “happy-sad”, as it’s the final outing for the 12th Doctor. Bring on Christmas, I say!

Stranger Things:

Stranger Things is returning for a second season, and it looks to be great. There’s going to be more darkness in this series, as Will copes with his return to the real world, and the kids face an entity “darker than the Demogorgon”. The new trailer released at Comic Con features, among its 80s’ references, the issues everyone is facing after the events of last season, as well as the return of Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven, and suggests how she might return to the fold.

We also learned more about the new cast- a scientist sent to “clean up” after what happened at Hawkins Laboratory, a new “bad boy” class mate for Nancy, Jonathan and Steve, as well as that character’s younger sister, Mad Max, who will join our main four boys. This season already has a lot to live up to, but from the looks of the excellent trailer, I don’t think we need to be worried.


This is a new Fox show, set in the world of X Men movies (the trailer even name drops them!), and definitely a show to keep an eye for. It combines the world of the mutants with family issues, which is something is never thought I’d see. It features a family who is forced to go on the run after the two teenage children in the family are exposed as mutants, and they join up with some classic comic book characters such as Blink and Polaris. If you’re a fan of the X Men on the big screen, this is something to watch out for. Here’s the new trailer released at San Diego, for you to get excited about:

Phew! That it’s for this year, which should most definitely keep us going for the exciting year ahead in terms of comic book and fantasy. Here’s to the next year ahead, people!


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