Olly Murs Proves To Be UNPREDICTABLE Within His Latest Single

The cheeky chap teamed up with Louisa Johnson on the single ‘Unpredictable’ taken from Murs’s fourth number 1 album, ‘24HRS’, released in 2016.

As Olly confirmed Louisa as a special guest on his summer UK tour this year, he suggested they should duet together, working on the track for a single release to include 2015 X Factor winner, Louisa’s vocals. Their voices harmonise beautifully together, Louisa adds style to the single, and has been able to show this off when performing live at The London Palladium, The BBC One Show and Capital FM’s Summertime Ball!

Three weeks following the release of the track, an unbearable wait after so many teasers from both idols on social media sites, the music video was out. After a head-to-head match of tennis between Murs and Johnson, it suggests that love is as unpredictable as the game itself. The video, filmed in LA, is set in the 70’s, where the realness of Wimbledon is evidenced throughout, down to their clothing, tennis equipment and even the court! Much like back then there would have been all kinds of mischief in which is picked up on throughout the video, such as a streaker running across the court, and Olly being in so much rage, resulting in breaking his racket. (Which of course is not hard to believe is something he would in fact do!)

The pair are such a joy to watch, with the effort and hard work that has been put into the production, there will be a smile on your face, especially with the bunch of mischiefs that are experienced throughout. Unpredictable is unlike the rest of Olly’s previous videos, having taken a very different approach, showing he has the talent to be flexible, and taking the opportunity to show that there are many different sides to him. After a week of release, the video has more than 1,200,000 views.

Murs is currently on his Summer UK Tour, which started in June and coming to an end in August with special guest Louisa. The two popstars show a great connection between them, their future, for now, is unpredictable.


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Predicting yours, Becca White


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