Nobody Left

It was not meant to be like this.

That’s my thought when the first knock came.

It was meant to be okay.

That’s my thought when the second knock came.

Nobody was meant to be left behind.

That’s my thought when the third and final knock came.

I curled up myself as tight as I could,

and listened to the sounds of my family going.

“Where’s the girl?” said a gruff voice, sending shivers up my spine.

And even though I couldn’t see him, I knew my brother was looking down at the ground,

Hoping and wishing, like me, that I would stay hidden.

I heard my parents’ cries that I was dead and gone,

That I was no more.

I heard my brother insisting that it was true,

showing them my locket which I never left behind,

Until now.

Then SLAM! and silence.

Nobody left.

Nobody left but me.


Isabella Smith

My Creative Editor


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