Nathan Sykes goes solo

Since The Wanted announced their break last year, some of the members have been working on their own projects. Tom Parker is being a DJ, Siva Kaneswaran is modelling, Max George is appearing in Glee and Nathan Sykes has been working on his solo career.

In case you’re unsure of The Wanted’s music, they are best known for their hits such as ‘Glad You Came’ and ‘Chasing The Sun.’

Nathan Sykes is the first member to try and launch a solo career; however this is not the first time he has sang solo. He joined ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande on the single ‘Almost is Never Enough,’ and at the Summertime Ball in 2014 he replaced Robin Thicke to sing ‘Calling All Hearts’ with Jessie J!


Over the last year, he has been working on his solo album and it will be released at some point in 2015, which is exciting for fans of The Wanted. Will the tracks resemble the sound of his old band, or will Nathan’s own style emerge?

There are not many details about the album as of yet, but it has been rumoured that one of the songs was inspired by his ex Ariana Grande. He has also had writing help from BabyFace and Diane Warren for his first solo album.

His first single is called ‘Good Things Come to Those Who Wait’ and it will be released later in 2015.


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