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As per, denim is always a staple trend that everyone knows and loves. Being students and keeping up with trends is sometimes harder than we expected it to be with our small budgets. No more of that; we no longer need to choose between buying  a new denim jacket because Vogue said so, or filling our kitchen cupboards for the week. One word has just made our bank balances (and our stomachs) smile with joy: customising.

You know that jacket you bought three years ago that you never wear anymore? Get it out. Stick some studs on and you are good to go. I pulled out a denim sleeveless jacket I got from Primark last year, some bronze studs I bought on eBay for a mere pound or two and got to work.


I studded a line across the shoulder of the gilet on each side, and one stud in the corner of the collar. It looks like a new jacket now, don’t you think? Definitely not from Primark! And what is even better, now I have a jacket that nobody else owns. Cheap and unique, a great combination!



So to get going, all you need to do is simply press in the studs, through the fabric and then fold over the spikey ends. How quick and easy was that? You can do as little or as much studding as you like, and what’s even better is that if you decide you fancy rearranging the studs you only need to unfold the spikes and change them about!

PIC 07 FINISHED Before and after

Happy studding!

Try it yourself, and you’ll see how easy it is! Show us your photos on Facebook or Twitter!


Miss D-I-MY x




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  1. Chessie Mather

    This is such a fantastic idea! I tried this with an old leather clutch bag I have & it looks brand new again now! Thank you! Xxx

    • Zoe Skerrett

      Glad you liked it Chessie, it’s really good for something that just needs a little bit more adding to it!

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