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Whilst at university it is pretty much inevitable that you’ll have to endure a long distance relationship at some point. Whether its only during the holidays when you have both left university to see your families, or the whole time you are at university because you have to leave your loved one behind.

If you have been there and done that, you know LDRs are a big pain in the butt, and even if you haven’t you can probably imagine how difficult they must be. But if you are determined to make it work and put in an extra effort here and there, it could pay off in the end. There is no way to sugar coat it but there are ways to make life a little easier for both of you.


Do You Want the Same Things?

You have got to talk about what you both want out of this relationship. If one of you hopes to start a future together whilst the other only wants to have fun at university and ‘see how it goes’, it probably isn’t going to last very long. You have to make sure that you are both going to work to keep things together otherwise your relationship will not be a very strong one if only one of you is making the effort.


Make Time for Each Other

Decide how often you are going to call or Skype each other and stick to it. How often you schedule to talk depends on who you are and what type of relationship you are in. Make sure you stick to your times and if you do need to change them, rearrange for another day rather than dismiss it completely. A good thing about being apart is that since you have both done different things with your day, there will be lots to talk about.


Plan Ahead

Plan when you are going to see each other in advance and this would give you something to look forward to and make the days go by faster. It will also give you something to do whilst you plan what you can do when you  get to see each other again.



Make a few unplanned visits! Find out if they have a busy beforehand and book a few days away to go see them without telling them. Take some work to do so they do not feel like they have to put aside their own work until you leave! These little visits will break up your time apart and that is something you will both want and need.


Post it

If they are unwell, stressed or just generally down in the dumps sending them an unexpected gift will definitely cheer them up for a while. It doesn’t have to be expensive, anything from a cheesy handwritten letter, to a box of their favourite chocolates will do. Just enough to let them know that you are thinking of them.


Keep Yourself Busy

Make sure you have things planned to do during the day, even if its just going to the shop to buy a few things or going to the gym. Whilst you are doing this you are keeping yourself from thinking about how much you miss them. Doing these activities for yourself will also make you happier and will keep you from resenting them if they have had a busy day and have not been able to text or speak to you.


Most importantly you should always make the most of the moments you have together and don’t waste time having silly quarrels. One thing is true, you will definitely appreciate each other more after you have been apart for so long and you will realise how strong you are as a couple when you get through it all and make it to the other side.


Maxine xx

‘My Student Life’ Editor

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  1. Leah Mayall

    This is so useful for me as my boyfriend goes university in September, we have been together for 2 years but this has really helped :D!! xxx

  2. Glad it has helped! I went through the same thing with my boyfriend 2 years ago and wish there was something like this to have helped me out and let me know what to expect 🙂 xx

  3. Jessica St.Pierre

    This is a great article. I have been through the same thing and it really isn’t easy, but keeping yourself busy and making time for each other is so important. Thank goodness for skype!

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