Logan Review: Hugh Jackman Reveals Wolverine’s Mortality

Hugh Jackman brings the grumpy, potty-mouthed Wolverine to reckoning like never before in the tenth X-Men instalment. If you are looking for comedy, companionship, revenge and a whole lot of action, then you have come to the right place!

After the success of Deadpool last year, which became the highest grossing X-Men film, a new generation of superhero movies are being born. A generation of R-rated films that are in no way suitable for a young audience.

Hugh Jackman brings to life his revengeful and animalistic, yet modest hero, who has become a victim of mortality, in more ways than one. Looking slightly worse for wear, we see an aging Logan whose feisty nature is somewhat bitterly close to fading out.

The character’s darker side is revealed having turned to severe alcoholism and suicidal thoughts. But something is soon set to soften him.

In the not so distant future, Logan takes care of a rather senile Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart), who is also suffering a little from old age, as he and Logan hide out on the Mexican border.

However, it is not long before Logan’s attempt to hide away from his past and his legacy catch-up with him when a young mutant, Laura Kinney (Dafne Keen), arrives with very similar attributes to his own.

Logan’s predator-like nature means he is hardly the ideal father figure to the young mutant who has entered his life, but luckily his Mini-Me, Laura, is just as feisty as he is.



Who could blame Logan for keeping his distance though? Wolverine has been betrayed numerous times in the past and he is clearly worried about caring too much about people. Just look what happened to the elderly couple who took him under their wing in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Logan has lost so much, so it is no wonder he is a little cold when it comes to emotion. Plus, it’s pleasing to see his sarcasm come to life, despite the character’s disengagement with life in general.

Logan is full of epic battles,  brilliant one-liners (from Jackman and Stewart equally) and full-on Wolverine rage.

The film’s gritty-feel is also further emphasised by Johnny Cash’s heart-retching ‘Hurt’ lyrics, used within the trailer and film, which seem to be at the heart of Logan’s reflective pain.

Director James Mangold has brought Logan into a new light and if you are an X-Men franchise fan, this film is not to be missed!

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