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Help: Clear Skin Review

So I recently had the pleasure of testing out this skincare supplement called help: clear skin. This product is designed to help clean and nourish your skin from the inside out instead of using topically. So before I start writing about my experience using this product, let’s first start by looking at some facts and science behind help: clear skin.

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What is help: clear skin?

Help: clear skin contains Pravenac which is a proprietary food supplement that is formulated to help improve skin. The ingredients have antioxidant and anti – inflammatory properties that assist in maintaining normal, healthy skin. Now it’s important to note that the lactoferrin found in this supplement won’t eliminate and cure acne altogether however it will help reduce the appearance of acne in a natural and safe way.

Help: clear skin comes in two sizes. There is the 14 sachet pack which costs £22.94 and the other is a 28 sachet pack costing £39.95. Luckily for anyone using this product it couldn’t be easier. You simply empty one of the sachets (daily) into a glass of hot or cold non carbonated drink or soft food. It’s literally that simple and easy, meaning you don’t have to waste time everyday preparing a special mix and this can even be used on the go.

Other benefits of help: clear skin includes it being gluten free and suitable for vegetarians, diabetics and for those that are lactose intolerant.

My review:

Let me start by saying that I am unfortunately one of those people who suffers from acne from time to time and I’ve never really had a solid month without having some form of a breakout which as we all know can be really bad for your self esteem. I then found out about this product and was very keen to give it a try; being a vegetarian myself I was glad that I could give it a go happily knowing what I was putting inside my body.

I tried the 28 sachet pack, taking one daily in a glass of fresh orange every morning. One I thing I will say about this product is that it doesn’t change the taste of your chosen drink to mix the powder with and it literally takes less than a minute to add it to a drink and stir, making it a super quick supplement to use, which for me is a bonus. Now I wasn’t expecting this product to cure my skin problems overnight but I was hoping for a serious improvement in the appearance of my skin. Below is a before and after shot of what my skin looked like prior to the treatment and then my results. As you can see my skin isn’t perfect but I surprised by the difference that I noticed after a few weeks of using this product. Not only did this supplement give me results but it inspired me to start thinking about how much water intake I have a day and my dietary choices so that I can keep up clearer skin.

Before & After…

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If you want to find out more about this product, take a look around their website by clicking here.

To help out with research that explores the effects acne has on a person’s quality of life and social experience, please follow the link and complete this survey.



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