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In 2010 a few years after Stepbrothers was made, I was sat in my friend’s living room and we were wondering what to watch so she suggested ‘Stepbrothers’. She showed me the trailer and immediately I fell in love with the film, as it featured comedy legend Will Ferrell.

The film for me is mostly for younger adults due to the type of comedy they have used, as some of the older generation may be offended by it. I think it was great the fact that they had carefully casted the ‘Stepbrothers’ to look like each other so you can get more connected with the film and characters. The dialog that they have used in the film is very realistic and would definitely make the audience laugh until their stomachs hurt.

In the film they have produced their own song called ‘boats and hoes’ to help promote the film and makes the film funnier by the second so I definitely recommend listening to it if you are considering watching the film.

The film features the two main actors Will Ferrell who plays ‘Brennan Duff’ and John C. Reilly who plays ‘Dale Doback’ they work perfectly as a couple as they are both hilarious people in themselves and both have the face you would laugh at.

In my opinion, films should be created to cause laughter and this film definitely lived up to my expectations a definite must see film!


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