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Divoom Voombox Travel Review

If you love music and the great outdoors, then I will recommend you to get your very own Divoom Voombox Travel Speaker. I was sent a Divoom Voombox Travel and I can tell you this speaker will not disappoint. You will not want the Divoom Voombox Travel to leave your side.

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These are the reasons why this portable speaker is great for traveling:


Wireless Bluetooth speaker:


The great thing about the Divoom Voombox Travel is that it is a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about cables to attach to your devices. Instead, you can easily connect it to your Bluetooth devices by pairing them together and enjoy the crisp sound that emanates from the speaker. However, if you would like to connect it to a device that does not have Bluetooth then you use the audio connector that is attached to the USB connector.


Rugged design:


The hard exterior of the Divoom Voombox Travel makes it perfect for those outdoor adventures, as it can endure knocks and bumps that might occur when exploring the outdoors. Not to mention it is also splash resistant. So it will be great to take with you to the beach. The hook on the top of the speaker means that you can attach it onto your rucksack, handbag, jeans and more.

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Super bass:


When it comes to speakers I think that the bass is very important. So when I saw on the casing that it said the Divoom Voombox Travel had a super bass, I was excited to play my music. I was definitely not disappointed. As Nicki Minaj would say “Boom, badoom, boom, boom, badoom, boom, bass

Yeah, that’s the super bass.” I love how powerful the bass is and how loud it can go. The volume functions are very easy to use. This portable speaker’s super bass will make your outdoor trips more enjoyable.


Hands free:


The speaker has an in-built microphone, which makes it possible for hands free calls. This is another great feature that the Divoom Voombox Travel has. You can easily take calls or reject calls with the multifunction button on the speaker when it is connected to your mobile phone.

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The Divoom Voombox Travel also has 6 hours of brilliant playback time.

Buy your own Divoom Voombox Travel from for £49.99. The speaker is now available in black, red, green, blue and orange. Trust me you don’t want to miss out on this amazing speaker.


Yours musically,


Kyomi x




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