Who Is Chris Harris? – Review

I’d seen Chris Harris perform at various events, and had always enjoyed his natural comedy style. So, when I found out he was touring with his own show Who is Chris Harris? I just HAD to go! So who is he? Turns out, a very good comedian!

The performance I attended, was at ‘The Lamplighter’ in Northampton, a very nice, quaint pub. If you’re local, check them out here: http://www.thelamplighter.co.uk/.

The night started with Chris’ first support act ‘a real life ginger’ Anthony Burgess! I really enjoyed Anthony’s set, made up of comedic songs – including one about Prince Phillip which really got me giggling, but by far the best point was his ‘alternate national anthem’ set to the turn of the  Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme tune – which I ended up singing for days.

Next, was Chris’ first set, where he started answering the question of ‘who is Chris Harris?’ This half of the set consisted of funny anecdotes about his life – including questioning his existence in a public toilet (don’t ask). It is clear, as he is telling these stories that he has a natural ease on stage and with the audience, and is really a pleasure to watch perform.

After his first set, came his second support act, ‘dubious barmaid Trisha Timpson’ – now ‘Trisha’ wasn’t my type of comedy, however the act was popular with the rest of the audience.

The final part of the show was Chris’ send act. Here he has more of a ‘one-liner’ style, which I don’t usually enjoy. However, Chris blended them together so seamlessly and naturally that I really enjoyed it, I found myself actually laughing out loud, which I don’t usually do at comedy.

To conclude, Chris has a natural comedic talent and a great presence on stage. If I haven’t  yet managed to convince you, go purely for his alter ego nearly-naked-Batman, you won’t regret it!

If you want to find out more about Chris – check out his Facebook page.


Yours, and still laughing


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