Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors – B.A Paris

This fast paced psychological thriller evoked an emotional response I’ve not experienced from a book before, from start to end. It is an all too relevant fiction, depicting the unease -you never truly know what goes on behind closed doors.

The story alternates between the narration of Grace and Jack. A couple who, to the world outside, appear to hold an unbreakable love confirmed more so by the ‘perfect marriage’. From the offset, however their portrayed relationship is far from the truth. Instead, the relationship is a twisted, chilling and unscrupulous thought out lie to the horror of Grace, a prisoner, unable to counterbalance her meticulously (un)loving husband Jack.

I can’t describe just how much I really enjoyed ‘behind closed doors’ without revealing any titbit of the story (I feel any information would be a spoiler). I would like it to be as much of a surprise as it was for me for someone else! Although some parts to the story can be ever so slightly predictable, I feel this can be overlooked by many turns that are shockingly unexpected. And not just the in your mind ‘ohhh’ but a physical *gasp – I didn’t expect that*. Particularly the ending, I had no inkling as to how it would finish but the ending was great!

The book was recommended to me by a friend who wanted to share its’ brilliance. Similarly, I don’t think I could have read this alone and not share/talk about what happens. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys psychological thrillers and who (possibly, without intention) can spare a few days as it was difficult to put down! I was glued to the book which leads to my only downside, I wish the book was longer. The book itself isn’t long and the intensity including the finale of the book, remained gripping, left me wanting more. I’m thoroughly looking forward to what else BA Paris has to offer!

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