Back to University; 5 stylish bags

The new term is about to start and along with all your other University essentials, a good bag is a priority! Which stylish bag will fit your needs and wishes this term?

      1. ASOS, Unlined Clean Leather Shopper Bag:

This beautiful leather bag is perfect to take to University because of the size. It’s spacious enough to hold your books, notebooks, laptop and water bottle. I’ve been using this bag myself during my first year and absolutely loved it. The minimalist aspect of the bag itself is one of my favorite things about it, it looks stylish with almost any outfit. You can’t go wrong with this one.


       2. Hershel City Rucksack:

If you’re looking for something smaller, a backpack that doesn’t look as bulky, this might be perfect for you. The thin design looks stylish and is easy to carry. It’s not as big but holds enough to get you through a day at University, especially if you do not have a lot of contact hours.


  3.  Topshop, Nylon Backpack:

Looking for a backpack but want more space? This might be the perfect bag for you. A bit more bulky but still an amazing addition to both your outfit and your university career. A backpack like this is perfect for living in a city, especially if you’re doing a lot of walking!

        4. Canvas Tote Bag:

Seaandlake@Etsy £9.35

Tote bags are seen all over campus because they are super easy yet super fashionable. When you find one with the right print, you’re ready to go. I love tote bags so much because there’s so much that fits in them and they are incredibly easy to carry around. They’re cheap and look great!

 5. Harwick Briefcase:

JCrew £98.00

The briefcase is a bag that’s more sophisticated, more grown up. The adjustable strap makes this item even more likable and useful in different situations. There’s a great amount of space to store a laptop and notebooks to use in class.


Have you find your perfect match for the new term already?

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Nele van Hout