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Fashionable Tats – Is the Future of the Tattoo fading?

Tattoos were once a sign of rebellion and individuality – but have they lost their spark and individuality?  Lately there have been hoards of pictures of the worst celeb tattoos, whether it’s Cara Delevigne’s lion on her finger or Tulisa’s iconic and rather controversial ‘Female Boss’ across her forearm. The more of these tattoos I see, the less I can take it.  It’s becoming tacky, bordering conformist and it’s almost like a bridge – people feel like they have to cross before adulthood.

I think it’s unfair to say as a statement that the future of tattoos is fading but it does seem to me that they have become a rite of passage for teenagers.  Who feel the need to get inked, the minute they turn 18 and do something they once couldn’t.  My general rule is that if you can find a photo of exactly what you want, then think twice.  What’s cool about knowingly having the same tattoo as someone you don’t know?! Maybe I’m missing something but I really don’t understand it.

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Now don’t get me wrong, if you have a tattoo which is meaningful, tasteful and different then, good on you.  What I think is demeaning is the whole idea of tattoos. People are coming back from party islands with ‘Made in *wherever*’ etched across their arm/chest/bum/other body part and the like.  That is permanent.  Sure it was a laugh at the time but in 20 years when you have a full time job and family will it STILL be funny?  I don’t think know.

What’s more is the amount of underage teenagers getting tattoos done illegally.  WHEN IS THAT A GOOD IDEA?  I’ve seen most horrific pictures of scarring and infection caused by backstreet tattoo artists, Google it if you dare.

kat von d mss

What are your feelings towards tattoos?  Have you got any?  Are you feeling the same as me?  Let us know at @MyStudentStyle

Yours fashionably,

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