13 Reasons Why Season Two: 10 Things to Know

That’s right. The hit Netflix drama is coming back for a second season (after all, it’s been the most tweeted about show in 2017 so far), taking the series beyond the original novel it was based on. However, a second season has the backing of the novel’s author, Jay Asher, who even revealed he considered doing a sequel to the original. Many people may ask what comes next, but I think there’s much more to be said. I’m not sure how the series will manage with such a big change, but it may be done. Here’s everything we know so far. Warning: includes spoilers from the first season and the upcoming second season.

1. Main Cast Returns

Most of the main cast is returning for season two. Most notably, the series’ two leads, Katherine Langsford (Hannah) and Dylan Minette (Clay), are set to return, along with Ross Butler (Zach), Brandon Foley (Justin), Alisha Boe (Jessica), Justin Prentice (Bryce), Miles Heizer (Alex), Michele Selene Ang (Courtney), Christian Navarro (Tony), Kate Walsh (Hannah’s mother Olivia), Devin Druidd (Tyler), Amy Hargreaves (Clay’s mother Lainie), Aijona Alexus (Sherri) and Tommy Dorfman (Ryan). This series looks to be just as packed as the last, but that’s in no way a bad thing.


The cast of 13 Reasons Why; including executive producer Selena Gomez

2. Yes, Hannah is returning

Hannah and her 13 tapes were the pinnacle of the story last series; showing the reasons which lead to Hannah deciding to end her life. In the second series, Hannah’s story is still at the centre of the plot, but she’s not the only narrator anymore. This means no more tapes- they’ll be around to haunt our main characters- but aren’t going to be so essential to the plot anymore.

3. The Other Side

Showrunner Brian Yorkey explained that they’ll keep the mutli timeline story telling, with someone else doing the voiceover (Clay, perhaps?). We’ll also get to see “other perspectives” of Hannah’s story. This is interesting, as the question of Hannah’s “truth” was raised multiple times during the first season, such as Zach’s note. According to Yorkey, there’s at least “12 kids who haven’t told their side of the story”.

4. Alex’s fate

Alex (played by Miles Heizer) was not like the other people on the tapes. He seemed genuinely regretful for his actions, and tried to stay friends with Clay. He was all for revealing the truth, and was even a good friend to Justin despite knowing what he’d done. However, he was the subject of a cliffhanger in the final episode; after not turning up for the testimonials, it was revealed he’d seemingly shot himself. Miles Heizer has confirmed that he’s returning, and that they’ll be some conclusion to Alex’s story. There’s still some theories whirling around about Alex, which I’ll get to soon.


5. Mr Porter

Another rather contentious character here. Mr Porter is the school’s guidance counsellor, struggling with the lawsuit that Hannah’s parents have launched against the school, as well as wondering how he could’ve helped Hannah. His role in Hannah’s suicide is pivotal, pushing her almost over the edge. However, when Mr Porter discovers the existence of the tapes and the role he played; he seems genuinely devastated and is poised to do the right thing. He’s also the person in charge of the tapes- and it remains to be seen if he’ll hand them over to the authorities.


6. Tyler’s plans

Another cliff hanger was Tyler. He was the school’s resident photographer, who seemingly ended up stalking Hannah. This gave the opportunity for the others to ostracise him from their group, ganging up on him despite what they had done being not much better or even worse, in some cases. This pushing and pushing has seemingly gotten to Tyler, especially as he revealed the existence of the tapes to the lawyers. The final shot of Tyler shows him with a whole load of guns, implying he’s taking the darker route of a school shooting. Will he be pushed to do this? What will happen? There’s also theories of Tyler being the one who shot Alex, but Miles Heizer has seemingly dismissed this theory, so who knows?

7. Timings

According to Yorkey, the series is going to pick up a “number of months” after season one, and will in part cover the trial and the Bakers’ lawsuit against the school. Now that the Bakers have the tapes, it will be interesting to see how they hold up during the trial. As for a release date for season 2, the only clue we’ve got is “2018”. Season 1 was released in March, so Netflix may release the series around the same time.

8. Preview

This is the preview that Netflix released, confirming its second series, with the caption: “Their story isn’t over”.

9. Justice for Jessica and Hannah

Another important story in the first season was the rape of Jessica, and later Hannah by Bryce, the stereotypical “Big Man on Campus”. Justin Prentice played Bryce perfectly, as he depicted Bryce’s rather warped view of women. As the season ended, Bryce was still walking, but Clay was able to get a confession out of him; further, the other students were aware of Bryce’s actions. It also appeared that Jessica (Alisha Boe) was also going to tell her father. Yorkey says season 2 will explore Jessica as she “tries to recover from what’s gone through”, and he also hopes that “someone will punch Bryce in the face”. Either way, with the tapes in the hands of the Bakers, it seems likely that Bryce will see comeuppance for his actions.


10. No Censoring

One of the biggest criticisms of the show during Season One was its graphic depictions of suicide and rape, with many being concerned the show was too triggering. This was despite these episodes coming with warnings, as well giving numbers to call. Despite this, Season Two will not be censored, star Dylan Minnette and executive producer Tom McCarthy confirmed. “I’m sure it’s going to be just as dark and important as last series”, Minnette has commented.


That’s everything we know so far about 13 Reasons Why’s second season, though I’m sure they’ll be more to come. Whilst I’m not sure how the new series will manage to continue, it definitely has an interesting concept to continue. Plus, there’s so many cliffhangers from the first season to be explored and resolved. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Are you excited for 13 Reasons Why Season 2? What do you want to see happen? Let us know in the comments!


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